Are you a Kozy owner? (information only. You do not have to own a Kozy to participate.)
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When you complete the below application, click the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom.
Welcome to the Affiliate page for the Kozy Carrier. Here's how it works.

1. Complete the below application and hit the SUBMIT will take you to a page where you can print off copies of our Rebate Coupon as seen above.

2. When we receive your submission below, we will assign you an Affiliate Program Number (APN), which you will write in the designated space on the Rebate Coupons.

3. Share the Kozy love by giving out these Coupons to your friends and family who are either expecting or have small children and have not yet purchased a Kozy Carrier. Total strangers are also good candidates. We often do that here at Kozy when we're out shopping or in restaurants, church, or other public places. It's easy...just approach a mother or dad who is either pushing a baby in a stroller or carrying the child on their hip or shoulder (you've seen plenty of these, I'm sure)...simply hand them the Rebate Coupon and tell them briefly about the Rebate Offer. That's it! The REBATE is good for one Kozy per family ONLY.

4. When someone purchases a Kozy and submits the Rebate Coupon you gave them, they receive a $10 rebate on their purchase...and YOU get a $10 reward for simply handing them the Coupon. You can either accumulate these rewards toward a new Kozy or we will pay you by check or through Paypal once your account totals $20.

Kristi Jennings - Managing Partner
KozyWare LLC
NOTE: We reserve the right to terminate the program at any time, but will give sufficient notice and honor any purchases made prior to discontinuing the program.